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ISA’s Call for Action in Support of Science and Technology for the Stewardship of the Area and Its Resources

ISA’s Call for Action in Support of Science and Technology for the Stewardship of the Area and Its Resources

The Secretariat of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) welcomes the signing of the Global Call for Action to ensure the stewardship of the Area and its resources for the benefit of all humanity through deep-sea science, technology, and innovation.

China, Togo, the National Oceanography Centre of the United Kingdom, the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries of Egypt, and five exploration contractors, Global Sea Mineral Resources NV, Loke CCZ, Nauru Ocean Resources Incorporated, Ocean Mineral Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Tonga Offshore Mining Ltd, have supported the call for action.

The ISA Secretary-General, Michael W. Lodge, in collaboration with Argentina and Bangladesh, launched the Global Call to Action to accelerate sustainable development through deep-sea science, technology, and innovation at the margins of the 2023 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit held in New York. The global call emphasizes four key priorities, namely: i) investments in science and technology, ii) aligning research agendas with the global deep-sea research agenda, iii) promoting deep-sea literacy, and iv) leveraging ISA’s experiences to support the implementation of the Agreement on marine biological diversity beyond national jurisdiction.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2024, during the signing ceremony held at the ISA Secretariat in Kingston, Ambassador Mr. Daojiang Chen, Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to ISA, remarked, “China highly values and reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the implementation of the ISA’s mandate. Joining the initiative shows China’s positive attitude and commitment to deepen our cooperation with ISA in advancing deep-sea research to achieve the conservation and sustainable use of the deep sea.”

Building on this initiative that is now supported by 14 Member States (Argentina, Bangladesh, China, Cook Islands, Fiji, Jamaica, Malta, Mauritius, Nauru, Norway, Singapore, Tonga, Togo, United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland), ISA Secretary-General has recently called upon scientific institutions partnering with ISA as well as exploration contractors to mobilize their forces in support of transformative actions to advance deep-sea research, knowledge and innovation in the Area.

Professor Amr Hamouda, President of the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries of Egypt, remarked, “In the pursuit of global stewardship, we, partners of ISA, unite to emphasize the crucial role of science, technology, and innovation. Through our unwavering commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, we strive to conserve and sustainably utilize our oceans and marine resources. By promoting marine scientific research and empowering developing states, we foster a collective responsibility for the benefit of all humanity.”

Reflecting on these latest signatures, Secretary-General Lodge underscored the importance recognized by ISA in fostering partnerships for advancing collective knowledge and understanding of the deep sea and its ecosystems to inform decision-making processes.

“Together with our Member States and all our partners, we remain more committed than ever to redouble our efforts to ensure that, collectively, we can advance our shared knowledge of the Area and its resources to ensure that it is managed sustainably for the benefit of all humanity. Through united actions, a prosperous and sustainable future for all humanity is achievable,” Secretary-General Lodge added.


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