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Call for Papers: Environmental Impact Assessment and Deep-Sea Mining

Call for Papers: Environmental Impact Assessment and Deep-Sea Mining
Image credit: DeepGreen

DeepGreen Metals Inc. is pleased to chair a session to discuss the unique challenges associated with implementing an Environmental Impact Assessment for deep-sea mining projects at the International Association for Impact Assessment’s Annual Conference in 2021 in Seville, Spain.

The shift away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy will be a metals-intensive process. With the environmental and social impacts of terrestrial mining garnering increased public attention, the deep ocean may be pivotal to unlocking the vast quantities of new metals necessary to meet society’s pressing challenges with the least possible impact.

The International Seabed Authority is currently developing draft regulations for this new industry, paving the way for the submission of comprehensive Environmental Impact Statements by contractors under the sponsorship of sovereign states. For the first time ever, there is an opportunity to establish environmental regulations prior to the commencement of a new industry.

Deep-sea mining has never before been conducted on a commercial scale and outstanding questions such as the impact of sediment plumes and the re-introduction of de-watering discharge will be key focus areas in ongoing environmental studies. Technological advancements will play a key role in addressing these questions and are revealing new opportunities to utilize ever-growing flows of data to support enhanced impact assessments and monitoring, thereby enabling more effective decision making.

In line with the 2021 conference theme, – “Smartening Impact Assessment in Challenging Times” – the paper session will investigate the unique challenges associated with conducting EIAs in the deep-water environment, as well as how the application of a range of techniques and emerging technologies can ensure that assessments are comprehensive and rigorous in a manner befitting the Common Heritage status of deep-ocean resources.

Date: May 18-21, 2021 [Session Date TBC]
Location: Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES), Seville, Spain
Lead Chair – Dr Michael Clarke – Environmental Manager, DeepGreen
Co-Chair – Dr Jason Smith – Environmental Scientist, DeepGreen

Important Dates:
Paper and poster abstract submission opens – August 24, 2020
Deadline for submission of paper and poster abstracts – October 29, 2020
Authors notified of acceptance status – November 30, 2020
Registration deadline – April 27, 2021
Deadline for draft papers – May 14, 2021
Deadline for final papers – June 30, 2021

Contact details:
Dr Michael Clarke – Environmental Manager, DeepGreen
Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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