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Mexico Supports the Moratorium on Underwater Mining in Areas Outside National Jurisdiction

Mexico Supports the Moratorium on Underwater Mining in Areas Outside National Jurisdiction

Given the urgent need to protect the common heritage of humanity given the global environmental crises, Mexico, in accordance with the precautionary principle and with full respect for international law, has decided to support the moratorium on the exploitation of the seabed as long as there is no Sufficient scientific information that provides certainty regarding the environmental impacts of this activity, allowing for norms, regulations, procedures, standards and guidelines that guarantee the effective protection of the marine environment against the potential harmful effects of these activities.

Furthermore, Mexico defends that, in the event that there is a possibility that seabed exploitation activities begin outside national jurisdiction, it will be necessary to establish adequate application, inspection, surveillance and compliance mechanisms in advance.

For all of the above, Mexico will not sponsor or support the granting of exploitation licenses within the Council of the Seabed Authority until there is sufficient scientific information to guarantee the effective protection of the marine environment in addition to a solid legal framework. and complete.

The country has committed, through national and international legislation, to protecting and conserving the marine ecosystem given its fundamental role in ecological balance and life on earth. It is in this spirit that Mexico, as a State party to the Authority and as one of the members of its Council, reiterates its commitment and will continue to work within this international body in favor of correct governance of the area, which guarantees the effective protection and preservation of the common heritage of humanity from a comprehensive, responsible, and equitable perspective.

Finally, there is consensus that, under the current state of scientific knowledge, there is no certainty about the real impact that exploitation activities in the area would have on the marine environment. In this sense, Mexico celebrates the commitment of the members of the Council who have chosen not to support the start of extractive activity until there is scientific certainty regarding its potential impacts and supports the work of the Authority focused on the development of research prior to starting. any activity that could put biodiversity and therefore our future at risk.


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