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GSR’s Underwater Robot Collects First Polymetallic Nodule

GSR’s Underwater Robot Collects First Polymetallic Nodule

Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR) recently announced that their ROV Patania II had successfully collected polymetallic nodules—rich in cobalt, copper, manganese, and nickel—from the seabed in the Clarion Cliperton Zone, at depths of 4500 meters.

Patania II’s mission lasted about 50 hours.

At this stage of testing, the operation does not include the use of riser pipes. GSR is being accompanied by project MiningImpact, a scientific organization which includes members from 29 European institutes, to observe the mining operation and gather data to optimize the technology and develop appropriate environmental plans.

To find out more about GSR’s Mining Expedition, visit their website. 


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