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Getech Secures Global Minerals Contracts and Expands Solutions

Getech Secures Global Minerals Contracts and Expands Solutions
Getech CEO, Dr Jonathan Copus

Getech, the net zero technology provider and data-led energy asset developer, has won new contracts to support the exploration of minerals critical to the delivery of the energy transition.

Over £100,000 of contracts have been won recently involving minerals such as sedimentary copper and iron oxide-copper-gold deposits with projects in Australia, South America and North America. Copper can play an important role in enabling renewable energy solutions including solar, wind, tidal, hydro, biomass and geothermal.

Getech has invested to expand the application of products originally developed as petroleum solutions - positioning them as essential tools in locating and developing new critical mineral deposits. Using its proprietary data and workflows, the company can identify the specific factors responsible for the location and economic concentration of energy and mineral resources.

This information is delivered and managed through Getech’s unique platforms, such as Globe, which contain world-leading gravity and magnet datasets and earth systems knowledge.

Getech CEO, Dr Jonathan Copus, commented:
“As we leverage our flagship products and world-leading data to unlock value in new markets, these projects demonstrate the versatility of our foundation products and solutions, and their adaptability in locating and de-risking a wide range of commodities across geographies.

Against the current complex geopolitical backdrop, Getech’s ability to locate and define new geographically diverse sources of critical minerals are essential to delivering a secure and sustainable energy transition. This is driving an expansion in interest in our unique critical minerals offering, and as a trusted partner providing integrated local solutions to global energy challenges.”

In Australia, Getech is working with an international mining company to assess the potential for sedimentary copper accumulations. Another new project in South America involves Getech utilizing gravity and magnetic data expertise to grade areas for potential iron oxide-copper-gold mineralization. And Getech’s ground-breaking Globe product will be used in North America to carry out genetic analysis of critical minerals.

These minerals are used in electricity and low carbon infrastructure from electric vehicles, batteries and power networks to the electronics used in wind turbines and solar cells.

Globe is a GIS knowledgebase that helps clients better predict the location of natural resources, with an impressive database documenting the evolution of geology and structures for the last 400 million years.


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